Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, Please do not come down my chimney this Christmas. Actually please don’t ever come down it again. If you have done so in the past, I apologise for allowing your entry. My ignorance will not be repeated.

It is important that my children be thought the truth of God’s word. You bring presents. You have a jolly laughter. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”. It actually sounds scary. Even though I am older there is something extremely weird about your laugh. Who laughs like that?

Christ Mass vs X-Mas

This is a golly time of the year for everyone. There is much shopping and excitement in the air. The period globally has become synonymous with laughter, joy and happiness. Enemies sheath their swords, old wrongs are forgiven. Friends and families meet to feast together. Bright lights are hung all around. Many other decorations are put up. Of course there is the ubiquitous Christmas tree. Selecting the most appropriate Christmas tree and decorating it are past times that each family relishes.