Lessons from Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s Accident | Healing Meditation

I was surprised to hear that Pastor Donnie McClurkin was in an accident late last year. My heart rejoiced to hear how God miraculously saved his life. The Devil tried to take him out but God stepped in. Aparently, he fell asleep behind the wheel but God sent angels to surrounded and protected him. None of his bones were broken. Persons were prompted to respond quickly to the accident. What a miracle! He woke with only a few scratches and stitches. As is usual with any accident he woke with severe pain.

God is Resurrecting the Dream | Prophetic Word for 2019

The Lord says the dream is not dead. You may have made mistakes. You may have acted in rebellion. You may have given up because of setbacks, delays, frustrations and barriers to realizing the dream. You may feel condemned. You may feel that the Lord has thrown you aside because you have not lived up to the expectation of others or your perception of His requirements. The Lord Jesus wants you to know that He has not thrown you aside.