Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders

This is what the Lord says to His people:

I am releasing true worshipers to build my Kingdom. They shall be a people after My heart that serve the body of Christ. I am releasing wealth for the work that will be done. No more will My people beg for donations or prostitute their anointing for I shall raise up men and women who are anointed to give to the works of various ministries.

They shall not be bound by denominations or commitment to a single group but will be charged with supplying a need wherever it arises. When they give My people will know that I have answered their prayers, even before they have uttered the request. For they shall do as I have placed in their heart. They shall be true stewards of My wealth.

Many of My people would have received what I have for them but they have not waited. They have not been patient enough to let Me teach them how to effectively manage what I have for them. They have not allowed Me to teach them to triumph over greed; how to rely on Me for their daily needs.  I will not release what I have for you when you have not allowed Me to refine your character. How can I pour new wine into old skin?

It is not My desire that you be destroyed by the gifts I have for you. Let Me teach you to live victorious lives.

The Word of the Lord was received on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 8:25 pm.

Credits:  Picture is courtesy of picjumbo.  Editing was done in picMonkey


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