America the Beautiful


I was in prayer on Friday, October 3, 2014 when the Lord had me record this warning concerning the United States of America.

More legislation will be created to remove christian worship from public spaces – parks, outdoor areas, stadiums, etc.  Prayer will be removed from the swearing in ceremony for the President.  It will be accepted that the nation is a plural society and all faith must be tolerated.  Therefore, the platform for promoting Christianity above others will be removed.

Government officials will no longer seek the council of Pastors and church leaders.  Spiritualists, astrologists and magicians will be their councilors.  As they seek a more enlightened way.

All this will be done to allow Me to bring this nation to its knees.  For wickedness will increase in the Land.  Men will do as their heart desires.  They will become lovers of themselves, with no regard for their neighbor.

This nation shall exalt itself to the heavens.  It shall declare that there is no God and shall pursue every pleasure under the sun.

My anger shall be lifted up against it.  I shall reign destruction upon the land and make it desolate, until the nation acknowledges that I AM.

I asked for a sign that these things will come to pass.  This is the sign of what shall be said the Lord of Hosts:  Every state will legalise homosexuality.  There shall be a day of celebration across the entire country.

Pray that these things do not come to pass.  Pray that the anger of the Lord is stilled.  That His judgement is withheld.  Cry out for the nation.  Take up a lamentation.

Destruction is upon the land.  The fierce anger of the Lord is released.  Who can stay His hand?  Who can give Him council?


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