Daily Meditation – You are More

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

Have you ever felt inadequate? Have you ever had that feeling that you are not capable of turning your situation around? Have you felt that the task before you is too great? All of us have experienced these feelings at some time. What may seem simple for someone may be a gigantic task for you. We have all been there. We all have battled the thoughts that accompany those feelings of inadequacies.

Rest assured they are just feelings. They have nothing to do with the truth of the matter. You are a great. You will triumph. Remember God is with you. You cannot fail. Rely on Him. His ‘righteous right hand’ is with you to provide you with the power needed to be victorious.

When I feel like this, I am reminded of a young man who was the village coward. He did not think highly of himself. Until God called him to set his people free from the oppression of their enemy. That person was Gideon. God used Him and a small army of men to defeat thousands of fierce soldiers.

He did not understood the strength that was within him. It was only when He accepted that God was with Him, that Gideon understood that victory was guaranteed. At first he thought that he should play a numbers game. Victory would be won with an army equal to that of his enemies. Then God told him to reduce his numbers. I believe he panicked initially but remember that victory was not guaranteed based on his strength of ability. The victory was the Lord’s. His trust must be in God. He never fails.

I bet he recalled his initial encounter with God and that encouraged him to trust the Lord. Gideon was hiding in fear when God called him. He told Gideon that he was a mighty man of valor. The words of God permeated his consciousness and changed his outlook. It emboldened him to succeed in a battle where the odds were severely stocked against him. God used just a few hundred men to defeat an army of thousands of soldiers. All without them lifting a finger to fight. Their praise, their worship defeated the army.

Gideon, ‘the mighty man of valor’, prevailed against great odds. What is valor, you may ask? Valor is great courage in the face of danger especially in battle. In the 1980s I often read a comic strip, in the local newspaper, called Prince Valor. He was a medieval knight who frequently engaged in battles. Often times, the odds were against him but he was always victorious. I loved to read about his battle strategies.

When you are faced with overwhelming odds you can consult your chief strategies. One word from Him will change everything. Don’t believe me? Ask Dr. Ben Carson. He was a candidate for President of the United States for the Republican primaries in 2016. In his biography Gifted hands, he stated it was the intervention of God that turned his life around. His mother despaired when he and his brother were failing in school. The family was poor. She was a single mother and a high school drop out. She worked long hours to provide shelter, clothing and food for her family. She knew the success of her boys was contingent on a good education. Not being able to provide them with the help necessary for them to learn. She turned to the Lord for guidance. After she prayed, He gave her a simple solution. Without question, she implemented it. Everything begun to slowly change for the boys. They excelled in their studies, far above their peers. That discipline and drive lead to outstanding successes in their profession. Dr. Carson became one of the foremost pediatric surgeons in the country. Eventually, it lead to him being encouraged to run for the highest office in the land.

I am sure that his mother never imagined the heights to which God would take her son. She was just seeking a solution to her current problem. But God had a bigger plan. This is often the case. We despair and given into fear because we do not understand that God plan for us is greater than we can imagine.

The next time you despair. Remember the promise of Isaiah 41 verse 10. God is with you! You are only facing a giant for His strength to be revealed in you. Trust Him. Lean on Him. Ask for wisdom. Ask for knowledge. Ask for understanding. Ask for direction. Ask for help. Ask and it shall be given to you. The Lord desires to establish you. He will increase your strength. He will give you victory!



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