Four Big Small Things

God always paints a picture when He is making a point that we must never forget. Jesus repeatedly used illustrations drawn from the people and things around him to engage with His audience. Whatever he spoke he always painted a picture for his audience. Four Small, Wise Creatures Proverbs 30:24-28 I am constantly amazed at the variety of life on earth. Animals, fish, birds, there are all kinds and varieties of each, and the variety speaks loudly of God’s existence (Ps. 19:1). But of all the creatures God has created, there are four that seem particularly wise, even though they … Continue reading Four Big Small Things

Fish Tank – Changing Your Environment

“Do you know your nephew’s goldfish can grow to be much bigger?” “No Lord, I did not know that”, came my response. This conversation occurred on a Sunday morning in January 2015. I was waiting for the contemporary worship service to begin when He started to speak to me. I was seated at an empty table. The band members were tuning their voices and instruments before the saints came. It had the feel of a family dining room. Pews were not set. Rows of chairs were not used. Everything was deliberated set to create an atmosphere that allowed interaction before … Continue reading Fish Tank – Changing Your Environment

Power of the Spoken Word

We know God spoke everything into existence. God the Father spoke and Jesus did the work. The Holy Spirit provided the power. All personalities of the One God acted in perfect harmony and unity to create something from nothing. From the utterance of a mere word the world was created. With a word everything was created. God uttered and it was. He has given us power to create also. Your words have power to create. It also has the power to destroy. Exercise caution with your words. Let your words create life and bring healing. Be especially careful when speaking … Continue reading Power of the Spoken Word