Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, Please do not come down my chimney this Christmas. Actually please don’t ever come down it again. If you have done so in the past, I apologise for allowing your entry. My ignorance will not be repeated.

It is important that my children be thought the truth of God’s word. You bring presents. You have a jolly laughter. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”. It actually sounds scary. Even though I am older there is something extremely weird about your laugh. Who laughs like that?


Talking to familiar spirits is a form of witchcraft or divination where one speaks to the spirit of a dead person. This spirit or medium acts as a guide to the individual involved. It will tell or show the person things that has happened or will happen.

The spirit that speaks to the individual is a demonic spirit. It is done to encourage or establish a constant communication with this spirit. Practitioners or participants often report getting messages from the dead telling them about the afterlife, words from dead relatives to encourage a loved one, receiving protection, warnings, etc.

An examination of the Word of God tells us whether the Lord allowed this practise. And whether He uses the spirit of the dead to speak to His believers or the unchurched.