Partnering with God

Last week I received an unexpected voice message, through Whatsapp. It was from an old friend. After months of no communication he reached out to me. The message made me leap for joy. He was finally free from one of his greatest struggle. After years of denial, he finally admitted that he struggled struggle with…

Blessed Are the Dead

I have always flirted with singing. I say flirted because I didn’t push to develop my voice. I did it for fun. For years I was told that I could not sing. Yet I continued singing to myself every day. One day I mimicked Placido Domingo’s Perhaps Love. It was well received and there began my flirtation with choral music…

I Receive It

“I Receive It!” The words gushed forth with enthusiasm. The speakers delight could not be hid. It was reflected in the glow of his face; the sparkle in his eyes; the wide grin on his face. His joy was evident. “Thank God for what He has done” I uttered quickly and moved away. I have…

Warning – Leave Prophet Carn Alone

This is a warning to believers to take no part in defaming Prophet Brian Carn or seeking after the news for entertainment. Seek the guidance of the Lord. And please be in intercession for the man of God.

Who Do You Serve

This morning I felt a stirring in my spirit.  I was restless.  The restlessness came from a desire to serve at a soup kitchen. Last year, when I was Atlanta Georgia, I served occasionally at Trinity Table. A soup kitchen operated by Trinity United Methodist Church. I enjoyed the experience and wanted to serve again. I…

Christmas vs X-Mas

This is a golly time of the year for everyone. There is much shopping and excitement in the air. The period globally has become synonymous with laughter, joy and happiness. Enemies sheath their swords, old wrongs are forgiven. Friends and families meet to feast together. Bright lights are hung all around. Many other decorations are put up. Of course there is the ubiquitous Christmas tree. Selecting the most appropriate Christmas tree and decorating it are past times that each family relishes.

Whose Genes Are You Wearing

The Old House The sun shone brightly overhead against the canopy of an azure sky. The chirping of birds was drowned out by the occasional roar of a car engine 200 meters away; as the cars sped pass on the main road. I pressed the remote control to open the gate to the apartment complex…

Sudden Death

Guess what?  I have been secretly collaborating with the prolific writer Denise “Poetess” Fyffe, of Revealing the Christian  Life, on a novella about depression and suicide.   It will be released on December 5, 2015. The Lord spoke to her about writing a book about depression and suicide.  As she obediently wrote the short stories, and…

Healing Meditation – Your Faith Has Made You Well

“Your faith has made you well”.

Jesus’ statement, to the woman with the issue of blood, teaches that we must be open to receive healing from God before it is granted. We must desire healing above everything. The greater our faith, the quicker we may receive our healing.

The woman with the issue of blood pulled her healing from him. She pressed forward in the crowd and without uttering a word, touched His clothes. Most people believed He could only heal them by laying hands on them (Matthew 9:18). She was bold. She dare believe God for something greater.

Power of a Made Up Mind – Part 1

Will You Be Made Whole
Do we dare answer this question in our quest for healing?

I experienced a very sharp pain in my lower back while at church recently. The pain was new. I pondered on it for a moment and realised what happened.

“I must have received it after interacting with someone during the service. A few minutes ago, I shook hands with many people. Which one of them was experiencing this problem?”

My eyes swept those close by. When my gaze fell on the last person whose hand I shook, the pain increase slightly. By word of knowledge, the Holy Spirit was indicating that he was experiencing pain.

Unlocking the Gifts – Part 2

Many persons struggle to understand and remember the scriptures.  If we only knew how easy it was to recall the scriptures when necessary, we would never spend another day fussing and cramping our brains with passages and passages of scriptures. God equips us before He uses us.  As a matter of fact, He equips us…

Unlocking the Gifts – Part 1

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23).  When Jesus said this, He was speaking to a man who was requesting healing for his son.  That statement is still relevant to us today.  It exposes a fundamental truth that we must grasp.  The statement goes beyond believing God…