Power of a Made Up Mind

Will You Be Made Whole
Do we dare answer this question in our quest for healing?

I experienced a very sharp pain in my lower back while at church recently. The pain was new. I pondered on it for a moment and realised what happened.

“I must have received it after interacting with someone during the service. A few minutes ago, I shook hands with many people. Which one of them was experiencing this problem?”

My eyes swept those close by. When my gaze fell on the last person whose hand I shook, the pain increase slightly. By word of knowledge, the Holy Spirit was indicating that he was experiencing pain. Continue reading Power of a Made Up Mind

Exodus 15:26

52 Healing Scriptures – Healing Belongs to Us

When the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea God made an everlasting promise to them. His request was simple. They were to observe His commandments. He would reciprocate by providing them with divine health. Do you know that this promise is to all His children? That includes us. As spiritual children of Abraham we are entitled to all the promises God made to the children of Israel. All ‘born-again believers’ are entitled to this promise of divine health. We receive the promise when we are saved. To retain it, we are required to obey the commands of God… Continue reading 52 Healing Scriptures – Healing Belongs to Us

Shades of the Past

My nostrils flared as I took a deep breath of the fresh air.  It was early morning.  The sun had pushed back the darkness revealing a clear sky.  I stood behind a latticework of metal that were designed to protect against possible intruders and to keep out prying eyes. The din of traffic could be heard as commuters scurried to work.  Horns blared.  Tires screeched.  It was a regular work morning. The sky was particularly inviting for me.  How it looked was no different from other times but something pulled my attention.  I had to look up. It was the … Continue reading Shades of the Past